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Mountain Medics Rely on QTAC™ Skids for First-Responder Safety

How Mountain Medics uses QTAC gear to evacuate injured first responders during emergencies.

🎬 Video: Building the Ultimate Firefighter: The QTAC SUPER 3™ on a Ford F-550

Building the Ultimate Firefighter: The QTAC SUPER 3™ on a Ford F-550

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship: QTAC’s Partner in Creating “Dirt Magic”

QTAC supports the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship and its efforts to protect the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Behind the Scenes: The QTAC 4-Step Construction Process

See the 4-step process for QTAC assembly, including the welding of our PolyTough™ materials.

Versatile Truck Skids: 3 Easy Steps to Install on Your Pickup

As a firefighter, you understand the value of a well-equipped pickup in emergency scenarios.

How Firefighters Can Benefit from a QTAC UTV Skid

The integration of innovative technology and equipment is crucial for ensuring efficiency and safety in the firefighting industry.

Navigating the Pros and Cons of a Super Singles conversion kit for Fire Trucks

Pros and Cons of the Super Singles Conversion for a Wildland Fire Truck.

Cab-to-Axle: A Critical Measurement for Fire Truck Maneuverability

Where you take your truck will help you determine your cab-to-axle measurement.

Meet the Can-Am Defender: A Versatile Solution for Fire and Rescue Operations

If you’re a fire department considering a UTV, consider the Can-Am Defender Max Limited Upfitted by QTAC.

Customize your UTV with a removable fire skid

QTAC removable fire skids make your UTVs customizable for multifunctional use.

Firefighters: Understand Your Vehicle's Payload Capacity

How to calculate your payload capacity for optimum performance and safety.

7 Things You Can Put on a QTAC Skid

Explore 7 optional add-ons for your QTAC skid.

Interview: Butte County Sheriff's Search & Rescue Uses QTAC Equipment to Help Save Lives

When a rescue call comes in, EMS and rescue teams need equipment that can keep up in tough terrain and unknown situations.

QTAC Trailers: Get Your Skids Where They Need to Go

Tow your skid with one of our specially-designed QTAC trailers.

WATERAX: High-quality pumps for high-quality performance

Partnering with WATERAX for nearly a decade now as one of our trusted vendors, we’re proud to offer their pumps on our skids.

Trent Palmer Protects His Private Property with QTAC Gear

Meet Trent Palmer: adventurer, pro drone pilot, YouTube sensation, and big fan of the QTAC™ 125HP and HDT Trailer

Give Your Utility Pickup a Serious Makeover with Tsunami Pro

The QTAC Tsunami Pro firefighting skid is the perfect addition to your regular pickup truck to bring extra firefighting power to your apparatus lineup.

Nip Fire in the Bud with the QTAC 125HP

One of the most important and versatile fire suppression tools you’ll find in the field today is our pickup-mounted QTAC 125HP fire skid.

7 Reasons the QTAC 85HP Might Be Right for Your Crew

The QTAC™ 85HP packs a ton of firefighting capability into a compact package for both fire professionals and private property owners.

Add Firefighting Range with the QTAC 40S

Everything you can do with our 20S, you can do with the forty-gallon 40S – only at a larger scale.

Meet the Small but Mighty QTAC 20S

20 gallons might not sound like much, but it can pack a big punch.

QTAC: Helping People Get the Job Done Every Day

There’s no better feeling for us at QTAC than hearing how our products have helped you meet your mission.

Should you get the 40S, 85HP, or the 125HP?

The capacity you need for your skid depends on the type of job you are doing when fighting fires.

Introducing: The QTAC E-Pro Firefighting Skid

The only electric skid of its kind, the QTAC Tsunami E-Pro offers performance equal to or better than its gasoline-powered equivalent.

QTAC™ EMS Rescue Equipment

QTAC™ Gets Rescue Professionals Where They’re Needed

QTAC™ Products for Law Enforcement

Fighting Fire or Under Fire, MTECH Protects the People Who Protect Communities

Are you a fire professional? You need QTAC emergency response equipment

QTAC emergency response equipment is designed for fire vehicles working in a variety of community environments.

QTAC winery fire safety: How fire equipment can protect vineyards

QTAC supplies winery fire safety equipment to help wineries protect against vineyard fires.

Why We Use Baffling In A Fire Truck Build

How liquid surge can put lives at risk and why we use baffling in each and every tank we build for the fire service industry.

Does My UTV Require Suspension To Support QTAC Fire Equipment

As experts when it comes to UTV fire skids, we discuss weight limitations and whether you’ll need specialist suspension for a UTV with QTAC fire equipment.

Specialist Firefighting Equipment We Supply

At QTAC, we build fire truck skids at the MTECH facility in Northern California and provide advanced firefighting equipment to our customers.

What Is A Control Burn & Why Is It A Firefighting Technique

When it comes to fighting fire, a control burn can help manage and prevent wildfires. Here’s everything you need to know about the pros and cons of a control burn.

Who Are Quick Attack Fire Trucks Built For

At QTAC we design and build quick attack fire trucks for a wide range of customers. From firefighters and landowners to municipalities and various agencies.

What Is Copolymer Polypropylene and Why Do We Use It

In this article, we discuss the benefits of copolymer polypropylene and why we use it when building UTV fire skids. Your ultimate guide to copolymer polypropylene.

Vehicle Upfitting Services For Emergency Services

QTAC provides professional and high-quality vehicle upfitting services for law enforcement and emergency services in the U.S.

Different Firefighting Nozzles & Key Benefits

Different types of fire fighting nozzles and fire fighting equipment we can provide to emergency services and individuals to control and fight blazes.

What's the difference between a medium and high-pressure pump?

We are going to dive into the main factors that make them different and help you decide which pressure pump is the best fit for you and your equipment needs.

What do you recommend for rural departments with limited budgets?

For rural departments that have limited budgets, but still want to be quick attack ready, should review our UTV and ATV skids we offer.

Are you able to draft with any of the QTAC Units?

Water drafting is essential to any successful remote area suppression mission where water may be limited to haul with.

Essential Equipment Every Rural Fire Department Wants and Needs

One of the most important parts of managing structural fires and wildfires is having all the right equipment at a moment’s notice.

Fire Department Logistics: Coverage Area, Response Times, and Resource Allocation

With many fire departments facing budget cuts, public scrutiny about their spending decisions, and dwindling resources, financial planning is crucial.

Vehicle Weight Specs - GVWR, GAWR, GCWR - What Do They Mean?

Vehicle weight specifications: How does GVWR, GAWR, GCWR and payload work, and what do those terms mean?

How can I prepare my family and home for wildfire threat?

Wildfires are serious threats to our homes and communities, and it is important that you are prepared with the right knowledge and resources.

How to Prepare Your Home For Wildfire Season: The High Fire Threat Areas on Your Property

We discuss how you can reduce different types of fire threats on your property by using different methods.

MTECH, Inc. / QTAC Fire GSA Contract

After months of work, QTAC fire and rescue skids are now available for GSA customers.

QTAC Super 3

QTAC built a lightweight, maneuverable Type 3 on an F-550 chassis.


The QTAC HDT Heavy Duty Trailer is the ultimate off-road firefighting or storage trailer.


The QTAC SRT is the first all-PolyTough™, fully-enclosed and modular tank, pump and storage system for UTVSs.


Welcome to the new qtacfire.com! More products, faster, smoother and easier to navigate.

Introducing the QTAC 70T: A Game-Changer in Compact Fire Suppression Skids

QTAC is proud to introduce the QTAC 70T – a compact, robust, and highly functional skid unit designed to save space in the bed of your truck.

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