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September 15, 2023

Fighting Fire or Under Fire, MTECH Protects the People Who Protect Communities

At MTECH, we’re grateful to have the privilege of serving those who protect our communities. Police officers and their families have a level of concern in their lives that most of us don’t have; they leave the house every day with a much higher likelihood of something life-altering happening. 

Working with law enforcement personnel over the years, our QTAC team has built an extensive amount of experience modifying police vehicles to give officers the best odds of coming home safe and sound at the end of a shift.

We do that by working with only the best equipment manufacturers out there.

Maintaining visibility in the field

Letting people know you’re en route to a scene, and making it clear when you’ve arrived and need room to operate, is crucial to success on a call. So, when durable, high-visibility vehicle lighting and sirens are the need, we turn to Whelen products for their full range of lightbars, sirens, traffic advisors, and custom lighting solutions. Bring us your lighting needs and we’ll help you meet them down to the last detail.

Protecting personnel and prisoners

When it comes to helping vehicles take hits and helping responding officers avoid them, Setina  is one of our most trusted partners. From exterior push bumpers, fender guards, and skid plates, to easy-to-use interior upfits such as prisoner partitions, safe/secure prisoner transport systems, quick-access firearms mounting, and more, our team is highly experienced in installing high-quality components to convert your existing fleet into state-of-the-art response vehicles.

Making the most of high-tech tools

Today’s world moves at the speed of data, and that goes for law enforcement, too. Fast, reliable data transfer and comms are essential to contemporary policing. So, we install Havis mounting and consoles for computers, tablets, and other electronic tools officers count on in the field. Havis products are designed to be rugged and reliable, keeping electronics secure and accessible in even the toughest situations.

As we do when building all-new PolyToughTM exteriors and customizing inside layouts for fire & rescue vehicles, we take nothing for granted when upfitting law enforcement vehicles with equipment upgrades. That’s why the Redding Police Department in California has given us the privilege of upfitting six vehicles, so far. Bring us your department’s needs and then count on us to provide you with dependable, carefully designed vehicle upfits tailored to those unique needs.

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