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The QTAC EMS-F is a stripped down UTV rescue skid that is designed to be extremely light weight and easy to load and unload into your vehicle.

  • Rapid deployment for rescue missions
  • Stadium and event medical standby
  • SAR remote rescue ops
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$350 - $400 flat rate shipping charge to any commercial address in the contiguous U.S., depending on location. Does not include additional services such as a liftgate or residential delivery.



When our customers started calling in looking for the simplest, most durable UTV rescue skid on the market, that’s what we built. The QTAC™ EMS-F is a stripped down rescue skid that is designed to be extremely light weight and easy to load and unload into your vehicle.

Like the QTAC EMS-R, the utilitarian EMS-F is built entirely using PolyTough™ construction and copolymer polypropylene, and weighs only 120 pounds.

The EMS-F features mounting flanges and a 1-inch-thick copolymer polypropylene deck, complete with rails for securing a rescue basket. The attendant seat is adjustable front to back, and since there is no storage area under the patient, the attendant has excellent access to administer care.

If you want a no-frills, affordable UTV rescue skid, the EMS-F is the one.

  • Simple and functional
  • PolyTough™ construction means years of service
  • Light weight, will never dent, corrode or crack
Optional Equipment
  • Sliding storage tray
  • Dual, removable oxygen bottle holder
  • Stainless steel IV pole and holder



The EMS-F structure contains the following characteristics:

  • MTECH PolyTough™ extrusion-welded Copolymer Polypropylene construction
  • Flange-mounted anchor points to secure the skid unit to the UTV bed
  • Adjustable (fore and aft) padded attendant seat with safety belt
  • Rescue area for stokes basket or long board
  • Integral grab rails at rescue area and aside the attendant area for easy skid removal and for tie-down of patient and stowage
  • Approx. 120 lbs.

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