QTAC Fire and Rescue Skids for the Polaris Ranger

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QTAC Fire and Rescue Skids for the Polaris Ranger

QTAC Fire and rescue skids for the Polaris Ranger

The Polaris Ranger is an excellent platform from which to base your fire, rescue or fire-rescue UTV fast responce vehicle, but there are a few things to consider before purchasing.

Do all QTAC UTV skids fit in the Polaris Ranger?

All of our standard UTV skids are designed to fit in the Polaris Ranger. However, it is always necessary to check Polaris’s bed dimensions in order to confirm your QTAC will fit. Also, bed capacity and overall payload must be taken into account. We make skids to fit just about any bed configuration and weight limit, so let’s make sure to get you the correct QTAC for your needs and requirements.

Is there anything specific about the Polaris Ranger bed I should know prior to purchasing?

One feature of the Polaris bed worth noting is that there are angled plastic gussets/reinforcement molded into the floor at the front of the bed. These ribs keep any flat item from being able to slide all the way to the front of the bed, as they’ll ride up on the gussets. Because of this, most QTACs – except for the 20S and 40S – need to be placed on forklift runners in order to clear the ribs and fit well within the tailgate.

Is there anything unique about the Polaris Ranger suspension?

One feature of the Polaris Ranger that is very helpful is the adjustable rear suspension position. Along with spring preload, there are three available rear suspension positions on most Polaris Rangers. The position that places the shock in the most vertical position is the best when carrying a load. If this position isn’t used, you’ll notice the rear of the UTV sagging when the bed is nearing its weight capacity.

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Testimonial Image

I can’t say enough about the two products we purchased last summer from QTAC. We purchased the 85S for our Polaris Ranger 900 and the 85HP for a Ford F250 Super Duty pickup. Both units arrived just in time for our fall fire season.  Alabama was experiencing one of the worst fire season it has had in the last 10 years during the months of September thru December 2016. The 85S and 85HP didn’t disappoint, providing affordable and professional grade fire protection for the citizens of Marion County and the State of Alabama. Along with the accessories both units are easy to use and transport using the truck bed mounting system.  Both units are light enough that two people can handle them to load and unload.  Don’t want to forget about the staff at QTAC. Their professionalism made the process easier and enjoyable, service second to none!  Thanks again for your commitment to fire prevention and protection!

Joel Bartlett

Alabama Forestry Commission

Product Purchased: QTAC 85HP, 85S

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What I like most about our QTAC is that it allows us to get heavy duty firefighting power about anywhere quickly. We have used everything from trucks to tractors with tanks in the past and either the equipment was too slow or too heavy and often got stuck. 

We use them mostly for prescribed burning and they have fit our application perfectly. The foam system allows us to lay a wet line around the area that lasts for the duration of the burn. Then we can quickly switch over to just water for the rest of the burn.  The ability to have the firefighting capabilities of the QTAC with all the ability of a UTV has completely changed the way we burn and has allowed us to burn more acres than we ever have. 

Derek Murken

US Army Corps of Engineers - Lake Red Rock

Product Purchased: (2) QTAC 85HP

Testimonial Image

We have been very pleased with our QTAC 125HP from the cost to the overall quality and durability of the unit.  Being able to deal directly with the manufacturer was great as any questions I had they knew right off hand.  Truly a great unit and it's made in the USA.

Chief Josh Ford

Angelica Fire Department

Product Purchased: QTAC 125HP

Testimonial Image

The quality and workmanship of the unit far exceed expectations. The pictures do not reflect how well built this unit is. We are very pleased with our purchase and I will send you some pictures when we complete the entire vehicle.

Chief Philip Caruso

New Prospect Fire Department

Product Purchased: QTAC 85EMS-C

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