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September 15, 2023

There’s no better feeling for us at QTAC than hearing how our products have helped you meet your mission. So, rather than tell you how great we think our products are, we’d like to introduce you to some people who have made QTAC equipment an essential part of the way they get important things done.

Wranglerstar uses the QTAC 85HP skid for property preservation

Cody Crone—a.k.a. “Wranglerstar”—runs a YouTube channel with more than 2 million subscribers who stop by to hear him share tips and experiences from his family’s homesteading life in the rugged Pacific Northwest. Among the equipment Wranglerstar counts on for self-sufficiency is a QTAC 85HP firefighting skid. Easily pulling the unit on a QTAC HDT trailer attached to his UTV, Cody uses his 85HP to control prescribed burns, to patrol those burn sites for mop-up afterward, and to lay down moving wet lines from behind the wheel.

The City of Kiel relies on the 20S for perimeter response

Firefighters from the City of Kiel, Wisconsin, did wildland fire training with some other departments recently, putting a lot of different equipment and burn techniques to the test. A couple of ATV-mounted QTAC 20S units proved perfect for riding the edge of that test burn to keep it from spreading and to make quick work of any spot fires that may have jumped outside the burn perimeter.

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Mountain Medics use the EMS-R rescue skid for patient transport

Mountain Medics of Shasta, California provides on-scene medical support for wildland firefighters—making their way through side hills, washed-out roads, and any other obstacles in their way. A key part of their equipment is a pair of UTV-mounted QTAC EMS-R rescue skids, featuring patient care/transport platforms, adjustable attendant seats for comfortable access to the patient, and plenty of storage space for treatment gear.

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How do you use your QTAC apparatus? Send us a message or tag us on social for a chance to be featured!

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