WATERAX: High-quality pumps for high-quality performance

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September 18, 2023


We work with a number of quality partners at QTAC™,  including one of our pump manufacturers, WATERAX. They produced their first portable fire pump in 1925 and have been synonymous with quality in that arena ever since. 

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provider of WATERAX pumps, QTAC integrates the pumps into our equipment to create high-quality, high-performing firefighting skids.

Pumps that can handle a variety of jobs

You can have an ocean of water capacity to draw on, but if you don’t have a quality, high-performance pump to move that water, you're fighting a losing battle. WATERAX provides compact, lightweight, high-pressure pumps that are especially suited to wildland applications. 

Terrain varies during wildland fire events, so a pump that can handle changing conditions is essential. Whether you’re pumping a mile of hose lay up hill or drafting on a river bank, WATERAX gets the water where you need it.

A sincere and trustworthy partner

Partnering with WATERAX for nearly a decade now as one of our trusted vendors, we’re proud to offer their pumps on our skids. We choose to work with companies that are in line with our core values: product quality, product performance, and product support. If a QTAC customer reaches out to us with a pump issue, WATERAX quickly gets us the parts we need to solve the problem. 

WATERAX pumps are available on any of our skid models; please contact our sales team with any questions.

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