Introducing the QTAC 70T: A Game-Changer in Compact Fire Suppression Skids

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February 15, 2024

Fire professionals, utility crews and anyone else needing compact, effective fire mitigation tools understand the critical importance of having reliable and versatile equipment. Recognizing this need, QTAC is proud to introduce the QTAC 70T – a compact, robust, and highly functional skid unit designed to save space in the bed of your truck without sacrificing performance.

The QTAC 70T: Built for Performance and Versatility

The QTAC 70T is an innovative addition to our line of truck skids, offering an excellent balance of water capacity and fire suppression power without taking up the entire bed of your truck. The 70T excels in prescribed burn control, utility crew work in fire-prone areas, mop-up operations, and property protection.

Key Features:

Optimized Design: The 70T features a top-mounted motor and pump, enhancing control accessibility and ensuring excellent water capacity.

Durable Construction: Made with our welded PolyTough™ construction, the 70T is impact-resistant, lightweight, and corrosion-proof.

Capacity and Weight: With a 70-gallon water capacity, the unit weighs 219 pounds dry and 802 pounds wet, striking a perfect balance between capacity and mobility.

Flexibility in Operation: The 70T includes grab rails for easy lifting, flange-mounted anchor points for secure truck bed attachment, and front mounting strips for additional tool mounts or accessories.

Engine and Pump Specifications:

Powered by a 5.5 horsepower Honda GX200 engine and paired with a Koshin SER-H 50Z self-priming pump, the 70T delivers a maximum output of 132 GPM and 127 PSI, ensuring robust performance when you need it most.

Why Choose the QTAC 70T?

Compared to other options in our lineup, the 70T leaves more room in the bed of your truck, without compromising on capacity. Its design, allowing it to sit snugly against the cab, makes it easy to store gear and tools. For those who require a powerful and compact unit, the 70T is an unmatched choice.

The QTAC 70T represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing top-tier fire suppression equipment. Whether you're tackling the edge of a prescribed burn or are on standby while welders repair equipment on a remote worksite, the 70T is ready for work.

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