Vehicle Upfitting Services For Emergency Services

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September 15, 2023

Vehicle Upfitting Services - For Law Enforcement & Emergency Response

QTAC is proud to announce the launch of our professional vehicle upfitting services for law enforcement and emergency services. Our vehicle upfitters have the experience and expertise required to provide your team with a vehicle that is perfectly suited for your needs. We can outfit any type of SUV or truck with all the necessary equipment required so that you can respond quickly and effectively to any emergency situation. Whether you require firearm mounting systems, bumpers, radios, prisoner compartments, or K-9 unit layouts, our experts can provide you with a turnkey vehicle upfitting solution.

Truck Upfitter Services For First Responders 

Emergency response vehicles often require specialized equipment to be added onboard, such as emergency lighting, sirens, radio communication systems, and storage for valuable gear and life-saving medical supplies. But it can be challenging to purchase a vehicle with all these core elements already installed. But that’s where our vehicle upfitting team can help. 

We are experts in transforming SUVs, trucks, and emergency response vehicles and designing easy-to-access compartments to hold essential equipment and first-aid kits. By driving a vehicle that the QTAC team has customized, first responders will be able to carry out their duties with complete peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is made with their safety and needs as a priority.  

Emergency Vehicle Upfitters 

At QTAC, we understand that every emergency response agency will have completely different needs and requirements when it comes to designing the insider of their first-response vehicles. That’s why our team works closely with you to design a solution for your vehicle upfitting needs. 

Our vehicle upfitting services include the installation of specialized equipment such as emergency lighting and sirens, secure storage units, gun racks, and much more. Our team also has experience with electrical wiring and radio communication systems, ensuring your vehicle is fully equipped for any emergency situation. 

Our Design & Development Vehicle Upfitting Process

Our vehicle upfitting process begins with a 3D computer model. Before handling any materials, our experts take time to map out the vehicle precisely using 3D technology in order to design a custom built vehicle that optimizes the storage capacity of the truck or SUV, as well as ensuring that those inside the vehicle are safe while on the road. 

Once designed, all QTAC upfitted vehicles come equipped with a complete wiring schematic of all components.

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Trust QTAC's vehicle upfitters to provide a customized vehicle upfitting solution for your department or agency. Contact us today to learn more about our upfitting services.

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