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September 15, 2023

QTAC™ Gets Rescue Professionals Where They’re Needed

QTAC™ has long been a supplier of rescue skids and trucks for Emergency Medical Service providers, and our partnerships with rescue professionals over the years have shown us the incredible range of situations the “rescue” category represents. 

To meet the needs of these brave men and women in the field, MTECH has created a variety of QTAC™ solutions that can adapt to a variety of scenarios. Here are just a few, and they’re built with our proprietary, takes-a-beating, PolyToughTM construction that stands up to the toughest conditions.

QTAC™ EMS-R: Built Light with Storage

Our QTAC™ EMS-R skid system is a versatile tool for first responders who need to navigate everything from crowds and tight spaces to hard to reach rugged terrain. This UTV-mounted system can be quickly deployed to areas with limited access. One of the key features of the EMS-R is its closed storage compartment under the patient area, which provides an efficient use of space for storing necessary equipment and supplies. The adjustable attendant seat also allows responders to position themselves optimally for delivering care in challenging environments. Additionally, the EMS-R is highly customizable to fit the needs of each individual organization. From the PolyTough™ and logo color to the types of equipment and supplies that can be stored in the skid system, each unit can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements. 

QTAC™ EMS-F: Built for Ease of Use

The QTAC™ EMS-F is a stripped-down, lightweight, and affordable skid system offering maximum versatility for situations including rapid response scenarios and medical standby duty at events such as rodeos and field sports. Injured athletes in need of immediate attention can be reached easily and positioned for treatment quickly. At just 120 lbs. it can be loaded and unloaded quickly. An adjustable attendant seat allows the responder to have clear, maneuverable access to the patient.

QTAC™ EMS-RG: Built for Patient Transport Gurneys

Skid systems aren’t just for lighter-weight equipment and deployments. The same event where relatively simple injury scenarios occur can also suffer the misfortune of graver situations. When serious injury calls for all the physical support you can provide for a patient during transport to a waiting ambulance, the QTAC™ EMS-RG allows a standard-size UTV to quickly and securely accommodate a full-size patient gurney next to its adjustable attendant seat. It can also be outfitted with optional mounting points for securing medical bags or other loose items.

Real-Life EMS Customer: Butte County Search & Rescue

Skids are just part of the range of solutions QTAC™ offers to the rescue community. For instance, California’s Butte County Search and Rescue’s equipment includes a Ford Super Duty pickup, refitted as a PolyTough response and treatment unit that can handle even the toughest off-road challenges. View the build kit for this truck here.

MTECH has been working with Butte County Search & Rescue for over three years now, assisting in providing expert guidance on retrofitting and suggestions on the right kinds of skids for the various situations the volunteers need.

Wherever your search & rescue challenges take you, count on QTAC™ to outfit you with gear tailored to the terrain and types of scenarios your corner of the world presents.

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