Trent Palmer Protects His Private Property with QTAC Gear

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September 15, 2023

Meet Trent Palmer: adventurer, pro drone pilot, YouTube sensation, and big fan of the QTAC™ 125HP and HDT Trailer. Calling the high desert of Nevada home, Trent is no stranger to fast-moving wildfire—often the result of dry lightning.

In a recent video, Trent talks about the importance of having preventative firefighting gear on hand, especially if you have a large acreage for farming, recreation equipment, or agriculture.

See the video here:

Don’t go up against fire with inadequate gear.

About a year ago, a lightning strike hit Trent’s high-desert property, starting a fire he had to scramble to extinguish. “I had a little trailer that I built out for watering our electric dirt bike track and I was able to get out there pretty quick with that and get it put out,” Trent said. “But it was a clunky setup the way I had it, and it really wasn’t very efficient.”

Enter the QTAC 125HP, the perfect mobile firefighting machine for personal property owners looking for ways to help protect their land. Set up on a tough, dependable QTAC HDT Trailer, you can get the 125HP to the site of a fire quickly and with plenty of firefighting power. “You might say, ‘What are you going to do with 125 gallons?’ Well, the bigger question is, ‘What are you going to do without it?’”

Investing in QTAC equipment is like buying insurance.

Trent was fortunate. His original set-up worked—barely. But it's not unusual for people to opt for a generic trailer and water tank, only to find that the equipment is inadequate or has fallen to the elements when the time arrives to use it. QTAC’s proprietary, UV-protected PolyToughTM construction assures your QTAC firefighting skid will be battle-ready whenever you need it.

“QTAC makes units that work for anyone anywhere. It’s like insurance. It’s a good way to know that you have an option should there be a fire that starts on or near your property.”

Got water nearby? QTAC skids can draft from it.


Your tank capacity isn’t always the magic number for completing a fire response; that’s why QTAC builds drafting power into our skids.

“All of the QTAC skids can draft,” Trent said. “If there was a big fire moving in that I’m not going to put out with 125 gallons, I can go park the skid next to my pond, put a draft line in it, and roll out 500 feet of hose in all different directions. That way, when the wildland or regular firefighting crews show up, that unit is set up and at their disposal. With the amount of water that 125HP pump puts out, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’re going to be able to keep my house safe.”

There’s a lot to burn this year

“As we shifted from a prolonged spring into summer, we needed to remember we had a historic winter,” Trent said. “The snowpack and rainfall we had from winter to spring was unprecedented. So, we had a lot of vegetation growing, which means a lot of fuel for fires.”

If you’re a large property-owner like Trent Palmer, take a page out of his playbook and make sure you’re prepared to respond when a fire happens. 

Whether you’re building an airplane hangar in the Nevada desert, growing wine grapes in Northern California, farming on the plains of Wisconsin, or raising horses in Kentucky, you need adequate equipment when disaster strikes.

Give us a call at QTAC, tell us about your property, and we’ll be happy to provide a solution.

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