Why We Use Baffling In A Fire Truck Build

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September 15, 2023

Liquid surge is a common problem for Quick Attack Fire Trucks. Speeding to the scene, liquid surge can make it difficult to control the vehicle, and this can make driving dangerous. At the scene of an incident, liquid surge can also lead to water spilling out over the sand that firefighters use to protect fire trucks from a blaze. This is why we weld internal baffles into every tank we build. It’s a crucial part of our design and helps to keep firefighters safe. 

What Is Liquid Surge & How It Impacts Fire Trucks 

In a fire truck's tank, a liquid surge occurs when the quick acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle cause the water or foam to move around rapidly inside the tank. This can lead to splashing, spilling, and loss of control over the liquid being carried. In addition to potentially wasting precious resources, it can also cause damage to both the tank and the truck itself. But what’s most concerning for those inside the vehicle is the risk of loss of control. When the water moves in this way, weight distribution within the Quick Attack Fire Trucks can change within a split second. Now factor in a sharp corner or needing to hit the brakes, and you can quickly see how liquid surge can be extremely dangerous. 

The Importance of Internal Baffles 

Internal baffles, or partitions within a water tank, help to control liquid surge by creating separate compartments for the liquid to move in. This allows for a smoother flow and reduces the risk of damage caused by quick movements. Additionally, they can also add structural support to the tank and increase its overall stability.

At QTAC, we understand the importance of safety for both our fire truck builds and our firefighters. That's why we have been using internal baffling in all of our tanks since day one - it's just another way that we strive to provide the highest quality quick attack fire trucks on the market.

Will Baffling Restrict Waterflow?

Having instant access to a powerful, steady flow of water can be the difference between controlling a blaze and risking lives. That’s why having baffling installed in a fire truck build will not affect the flow of water when you need it most. When we weld internal baffles into the tanks we build for the fire service industry, we use partitions as part of our PolyTough™ construction. The baffles prevent water from surging as the vehicle is in motion but will not change the way firefighters access the water supply. Because having worked in this industry for so many years, we know all too well that every second counts! 

Quick Attack Fire Trucks Custom Build 

When you work with QTAC for a custom fire truck build, you can trust that we will always include internal baffling in the tank design. We are committed to ensuring the safety and efficiency of all our quick-attack fire trucks, and using internal baffles is just one way we do that. Feel free to contact our team today for more information.

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