Are you a fire professional? You need QTAC emergency response equipment

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September 15, 2023

Fire isn’t a big part of most people’s lives, but firefighting professionals like you spend long hours thinking about it in an effort to understand it. You know fire and you know it well. You know how it behaves, how to discourage its behavior, and how to use water and other mitigation techniques to guide it when that behavior gets out of hand, getting people and property out of harm’s way. QTAC knows fire, too, because we’ve spent decades talking to pros like you, getting to know your needs, and learning just what it means to go up against the dangers your crews face every day.

QTAC builds emergency response equipment designed for firefighters

From our proprietary POLYTOUGHTM construction that takes a beating and stays strong, deployment after deployment, to built-in safety features diminishing risks for firefighters and rescue personnel, QTAC products are designed to help your crews meet their missions.

Take it from the Chico, California, Fire Department

QTAC’s 5-years-and-counting relationship with the Chico, California, Fire Department has resulted in expanding the department’s firefighting versatility. Here’s what we’ve provided:

  • An 85-gallon UTV-mounted skid and a Polaris Ranger UTV to mount it on; a perfect combination positioned at the entrance of Chico’s famous Bidwell Park for quick access to the types of fire most likely to occur in the urban foothill wilderness of the park. It’s an especially effective combination for getting to a non-critical victim in tight spots a bigger truck can’t handle.

  • An Air/Light Rescue Truck, custom-built on a Ford F-550 chassis, and tricked out like the Batmobile of fire & rescue to bring critical air supply and rehab equipment for firefighters on extended missions. Made with PolyTough™ body and cab console, PTO generator, Bauer compressor, SCBA fill station, Whelen lighting package, and plenty more.

By the way, if you’re familiar with MTECH trucks, that has always been us. All of our fire and rescue vehicles are now being produced under the QTAC name.

Tailored to the needs of your community

Our work with the Chico FD demonstrates the product range you get with QTAC, and a wide range of capacities, weights, and capabilities that allows you to tailor your solutions to the fire types you work on: prescribed burns, spot fires, community fires, wildfire—you name it. Whether you need to navigate the rough terrain of a challenging hiking trail, a small mountain community with few exit routes out of town, or residential housing sitting up against a WUI, talk to us about a custom solution to the challenges you face.

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