What do you recommend for rural departments with limited budgets?

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September 15, 2023

Here at QTAC we have a wide variety of equipment offerings for large and limited budgets. Depending on your rural department's current needs, the breadth of options and variety of skids is large. For rural departments that have limited budgets, but still want to be quick attack ready, should review our UTV and ATV skids we offer. Depending on water-tank size and coverage needed, we have a variety of options that fit in most UTVs and ATVs. Below are some of the options to choose from.


The QTAC 20S ATV Skid is great for prescribed burning and a great option that is lightweight and perfectly developed for an ATV. With a 20 U.S. gallon capacity and 225 pound wet weight total, it is a great piece of equipment to have for small-scale prescribed burn control, spot-fire suppression, grass fire progression and standby for chainsaw, dry grass cutting and weed cutting. 

One of the top benefits of the QTAC 20S ATV skid is that iscan mount to any 4-wheel ATV which allows it to access remote areas that are unreachable by larger vehicles. When designing the QTAC 20S we created it so it gives you the capability to spray a 45-foot stream of water quickly in remote areas and draft out of an auxiliary water source. 


For a budget-friendly quick attack skid built for UTVs, our QTAC 40S UTV is a great option for any rural department looking to be prepared for any situation that a UTV can reach. The QTAC 40S is one of our top recommended skid units if you need more than a 20-gallon system but have a limited payload; making it small, light, mobile, and capable. 

We designed the QTAC 40S to be best used for large and small prescribed burn control, vegetation control and standby for weed cutting, chainsaw work and dry grass cutting. The QTAC 40S UTV skid is an ideal piece of equipment for remote area suppression where large vehicles may not be able to reach with its 40 U.S. gallon water capacity. 

Last Thoughts

At QTAC we focus on equipping small and large fire departments with fire and rescue apparatus for ATVs, UTVs, and Trucks that will make them ready for any situation when a quick attack strategy must be deployed. Through our wide array of sizes and styles of skids, we have created options for any size budget. We invite you to check out our full product line here or feel free to contact us for more information!

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