Are you able to draft with any of the QTAC Units?

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September 15, 2023

Water drafting is essential to any successful remote area suppression mission where water may be limited to haul with. If you are not familiar with the term “water drafting”or “draft” it refers to having the ability to utilize a secondary water source (pool, creek, or pond) to draw water into the pump for use. This allows you to not have to solely rely on water storage tanks and be able to only be limited to the size of the secondary water source, which in the case of a pond or creek, could be endless. 

Why Every Department or Individual Should Have a Drafting Kit?

Drafting is extremely helpful when you need long periods of uninterrupted water flow, and it allows you to use higher GPM (gallons-per-minute) nozzles without the fear of running out of water. If you are able to draft while pumping, it gives an added level of assurance knowing your water supply will not run out. Drafting is also very helpful when filling a QTAC, as the flow rates of the pump far out-perform that of a standard garden hose.

Having access to a drafting hose will also allow you to suppress a fire for a longer period of time, giving you an increased chance to slow burn. In addition, for those that have multiple skid units, you will be capable of having a constant flow of water pumping to the units allowing you to attack a fire without interruption. 

What are the Specifications for QTAC Water drafting Hose Kits?

We created our water Drafting kits to be universal across our QTAC skid units, allowing you to utilize the draft hose with multiple style units. The draft hose kit for QTAC 20s includes a 20 foot of 1” draft hose with a 1” cam-lock fitting and foot valve with strainer. All other water drafting kits include a 20  foot 1-½” draft hose with a cam-lock fitting to fit QTAC draft suction and foot valve strainer. 

For more information on our QTAC water drafting hose kit, check out our product page at Be prepared to suppress a fire quickly with the ability to continue your suppression at a moment's notice with access to a pool, pond or creek through drafting water through our QTAC water drafting hose kits.

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