Different Firefighting Nozzles & Key Benefits

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September 15, 2023

Different Firefighting Nozzles & Key Benefits

Firefighting nozzles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own unique benefits. It is important for firefighters to be familiar with the different types of nozzles available and when to use them to control a blaze and protect the environment and save lives. In this post, we will discuss the different types of firefighting nozzles available and the key benefits they offer!

Types Of Nozzles For Firefighters 

Why nozzles are so important when it comes to fighting fires as they control the flow, velocity, and direction of water being applied to a fire. Without the proper use of a nozzle, firefighters run the risk of wasting valuable water or not properly extinguishing the fire that might be raging and getting out of control. So, let’s take a look at the different types of nozzles available from QTAC.


Brass Bullseye Nozzles

1. Brass Bullseye Nozzles

Material: Brass‍

Output: 8 GPM Max‍

Adjustment: 1/4-turn shut-off, plus mist to straight stream

These nozzles offer a straight stream of water, providing less force and coverage but allowing for precise targeting. They are often used to target specific hot spots in a fire or for rescuing individuals trapped in a burning building. This type of nozzle is also ideal for mop-up and prescribed burning. You also have the option to adjust the nozzle from a fine mist to a steady stream for more precision. When at maximum flow, the nozzles can reach an impressive 60ft.


D-Ring Nozzles

2: D -Ring Nozzles 

Material: Cast Aluminum‍

Output: 15 GPM Max‍

Adjustment: D-ring bale shut-off, fan to straight stream

This type of nozzle offers excellent performance for such a simple design. With a max output of 18 gallons per minute, these nozzles are often used for initial fire attack. It offers a wide water spray pattern that allows for more coverage but less precision than the Brass Bullseye nozzle. When positioned in the straight stream spray, the D-ring nozzle offers a reach of up to 80ft in distance during calm wind conditions.

Vari Nozzle

3: Vari Nozzle

Material: Plastic, Rubber‍

Output: 18 GPM Max‍

Adjustment: Swivel adjustment, circular fan to straight stream

Also known as a variable flow nozzle, it offers 18 gallons per minute of water spray and is built of aluminum and stainless steel. With an easy-to-use adjuster, the Vari nozzle is simple to control with one hand. Change the water flow from a wide radial fan to a powerful straight stream effortlessly. Choose the finest setting for a fine mist spray, or switch to the straight stream for an extended reach of up to 75 ft. 

Viper Nozzle

4: Viper Nozzle 

Material: Machined aluminum, plastic‍

Output: 10-23 GPM‍

Adjustment: Optional pistol grip bale shut off, circular fan to straight stream

10 to 23 gallon per minute viper nozzle comes with a pistol grip and bale shut off. At QTAC, this is our top-of-the-line firefighting nozzle and is built with machine aluminum and composite plastic. With an easy-to-use nozzle adjuster, switching from a fog fan to a precision straight stream is easier than ever. The Viper nozzle has a spray distance capability of up to 80ft in length.

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