Versatile Truck Skids: 3 Easy Steps to Install on Your Pickup

Published on:  

February 15, 2024

A few steps to turn your vehicle into a firefighting asset, adaptable for various needs

Firefighting demands adaptability and the right equipment. Enhancing your UTV or pickup with a QTAC™ skid unit offers a perfect blend of flexibility and functionality, ideal for varied firefighting scenarios.

When the firefighting season concludes or if you need to repurpose your vehicle for different tasks, the skid unit, designed for flexible use, can be uninstalled. This feature is particularly useful for adapting the vehicle's use during winter or for other specific requirements, providing an optimal balance between a permanent fixture and adaptable equipment.

Installing a QTAC™ skid transforms your pickup into a specialized firefighting unit, and it's straightforward:

  1. Lift the skid into position using forklift runners.
  2. Slide the unit into the truck bed.
  3. Secure using the unit’s mounting points.

Options like the Tsunami Pro or Performance model equip your vehicle for effective quick attack response, especially in areas inaccessible to larger vehicles.

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