Nip Fire in the Bud with the QTAC 125HP

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September 15, 2023

Fire fighting gets a lot more attention than fire prevention in popular culture—it makes for great movies and news footage—but the quiet heroes are just as important, working every day to stop minor incidents from flaring into the lead story on the evening news.

For many fire and rescue agencies, QTAC™ gear has been a key asset in those incidents, preventing wildfires from igniting in the first place or snuffing them out shortly after that first flame shows itself. Our apparatus is synonymous with highly mobile, high-pressure, vehicle-mounted fire suppression capacity.

One of the most important and versatile fire suppression tools you’ll find in the field today is our pickup-mounted QTAC 125HP fire skid. It’s identical to our 85HP, except it sits taller and puts 125 gallons of mobile water under a high-pressure pump that can hit flames up to 80 feet away. 

At 1,340 pounds wet, the 125HP is a heavy-duty machine that needs a strong partner; mount it on a half-ton pickup and you’ll have an unbeatable combination. Don’t be surprised to see them at home on command and supervisor trucks.

Whether you’re a firefighter or property owner, you can put in a very full day with a 125HP:

Prescribed burns

The 125HP is an excellent tool for holding a tight perimeter around a prescribed burn; and with 125 gallons of capacity, you can even work a larger scale burn without too many refills required.

Grass & prairie burns

Make the rounds with a truck-mounted 125HP to keep cleared vegetation burning in uniform fashion. Make quick work of mop-up the same way.

Quick response

Lightning strikes, accidental ignition, and/or wandering embers can quickly cause emergency situations for vineyards or farms. In those situations, a pickup-mounted 125HP makes it easy to ride to the rescue.

Standby duty

Chainsaw work, weed clearance, and grass clearance can kick up sparks that result in easily spread conflagrations. The 125HP can tamp down those upstart ignitions in a short amount of time.

Suppressant application

With up to 2.5 gallons of foam eductor capacity (optional equipment) and 125 gallons of water, you can easily lay down an 80-foot blanket of short-term, output-mixed suppressant without stopping to reload and without having to purge your tank of foam afterward.

The 125HP is QTAC’s flagship for three simple reasons: capacity, power, and versatility. And that’s without even mentioning our standard, proprietary PolyToughTM welded polymer construction that won’t crack or dent, no matter how hard you make your QTAC unit work.

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