QTAC Trailers: Get Your Skids Where They Need to Go

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September 18, 2023

If you have a UTV or pickup that can be dedicated solely to one job—carrying a skid—this blog may not be for you. You already know QTAC has a range of great skids to make that UTV or truck the best fire suppression unit on the block. 

But if you use your vehicle for a variety of jobs and can't have a skid in the bed all year, this blog may have the solutions you’ve been looking for.

Tow your skid with one of our specially-designed QTAC trailers.

For UTVs and Side-by-Sides: XDT Trailer

When you need to get your QTAC skid into position for a controlled burn or ready for potential ignition when working in the field, our XDT unit is designed to free up vehicle space and keep it available for action.

The QTAC XDT is one of the heaviest-duty UTV trailers on the market. Built for QTAC fire and rescue skids and sporting a GVWR of 1,600 pounds (with optional off-road tires that give it 2000 pounds GVWR and 1,600 pounds payload), this trailer can haul whatever you need for a job wherever you need it. For added gear transport, add an optional utility rack with multiple accessory mounting locations.

The XDT is not Department of Transportation (DOT) legal, and it’s not meant to be towed when running at wide-open throttle across bumpy terrain! Instead, it’s created to handle off-road transport via UTV. An XDT trailer is the perfect option for moving your QTAC skid around to all the burn-related jobs that happen on your property.

Coming Soon for Trucks: The HDT PRO Truck Trailer

Rather than keeping your truck bed occupied 24/7 by your Tsunami Performance or Tsunami Pro skid, check out the new trailer option we’re developing for you: the HDT PRO Trailer. It’s just what you need for utility work on red flag warning days or any other times you need high-water-volume fire response capabilities to be available onsite.

Weighing in at 7,000 pounds GVWR, the HDT PRO Trailer can easily hold a fully-wet Tsunami skid, allowing you to confidently go about your business, knowing you’ve got the protection you need. You can also add storage boxes for additional equipment required onsite.

Our new HDT PRO trailer will keep your skid safe en route to wherever you’re working and provide it with a secure base for the duration of your project. And then, as soon as you need to, you can drive your ready-for-the-next-thing truck away from the skid and onto the next job.

When you need to have water on the scene, it might be tempting to transport your skid on a basic rental yard trailer. However, these aren’t designed to withstand tough terrain or harsh elements, making them dangerous to you and your equipment. We’ve developed our trailers specifically because utility customers and other customers have requested an option that holds up under the toughest conditions, and they were designed for the exact scenarios they’ve brought to our attention.

If you have any questions about which trailer would best suit your needs, give us a call.

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