Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship: QTAC’s Partner in Creating “Dirt Magic”

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April 4, 2024

How we’re helping keep trails hiker-friendly

Supporting environmental stewardship and safety in outdoor recreational areas is important to us at QTAC™. Among the environments in which our QTAC products are used are the hiking trails maintained by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS). 

Thanks to SBTS, the people of Northern California and folks who come to visit can enjoy what trail lovers call “dirt magic.” It was our pleasure this year to donate an 85S fire skid to SBTS in support of their efforts to suppress fire and maintain moisture for soil management. 

What does Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship do?

SBTS maintains thousands of miles of trails, including some right in QTAC’s backyard. Their mission is to build sustainable recreation-based communities to provide quality outdoor experiences. In their own words: they “exist to bring a connection between the land and the people who enjoy it by teaching stewardship, restoring historic trail routes, and creating new paths.”

Helping a valued neighbor

The 85S unit we donated is an 85-gallon water-delivery skid, easily loaded onto a UTV and transported quickly to any point along a trail where its services are needed. With a water dispersal range of up to 55 feet, the 85S carries a lot of versatility in its tank, as well.

“The QTAC 85S allows our crews to extend our work day and season by giving us soil moisture control and fire safety measures, especially during the dry months,” said SBTS Trail Boss Henry O’Donnell. “Thank you QTAC Fire for supporting SBTS trail programs.”

SBTS also used a portion of a Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative grant they received to purchase a second 85S.

“We’re working with SBTS because we believe in supporting people’s ability to enjoy the natural beauty of our region,” said Jason Black, QTAC President. “They’re putting resources into our community, and they deserve our help.”

If you’re an outdoors lover who enjoys hiking, give some thought to finding out how you can support the efforts of SBTS.

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