🎬 Video: Building the Ultimate Firefighter: The QTAC SUPER 3™ on a Ford F-550

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May 9, 2024

See it up close: Type 3 capabilities for smaller departments

If you work in mountain communities, you know how important a Type 3 truck can be for rapid deployment and navigating off-road terrain. But you also know they’re often out of the budget, especially for smaller departments. Depending on their GVWR, they may require a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate, a tougher requirement for volunteer crews.

If those concerns sound all too familiar, QTAC™ has a truck made with you in mind.

Affordable Type 3 functionality

The QTAC SUPER 3™ , built on a Ford F-550 chassis, is designed so a CDL is not required, making it particularly beneficial for volunteer crews who may not have the license. This makes the truck more accessible to smaller, possibly volunteer-run, fire departments. This wildlands truck combines lightweight PolyTough™ construction with a uniquely plumbed, redundant gasoline pump system. This combination gets you an NWCG Type 3 certifiable truck on a Ford F-550 or Ram 5500 chassis, for much less than the cost of traditional construction and a single diesel pump.

“The Super 3 really works for small departments trying to get a Type 3 on their equipment list, or for a wildland contractor who's looking to get a Type 3 on a contract,” says Jason Black, President. “This makes sense because it's lightweight, much lighter than a single diesel pump would be. It's less expensive than a single diesel pump. And it also provides redundancy, so you can get the Type 3 rating.”

SUPER 3™ in a nutshell

  • Complies with NWCG Type 3 standards
  • Stands up to punishing conditions with PolyTough™ construction
  • Provides redundancy with dual gas-powered WATERAX BB4 pumps
  • Handles easily and you don’t need a CDL to drive it
  • Whelen emergency light package
  • Equipped with a Buckstop Super Singles kit, enhancing its maneuverabilityMaximizes fuel efficiency with lightweighting, including aluminum bumper and wheels

Check out this video for an in-depth guided walkaround of QTAC’s Super 3 firefighting truck to see if it’s right for your department.

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