Behind the Scenes: The QTAC 4-Step Construction Process

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April 4, 2024

See how your equipment is designed

At MTECH, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing you with QTAC fire and rescue equipment you can count on to get the job done. We’ve talked to countless fire crews like you to understand what you need your apparatus to do in an emergency, and we build our skids to meet those needs.

Below is a brief overview of our construction process, so the next time you’re on the job, you’ll have the confidence of knowing it was built with pride, and built to last. 

The QTAC 4-step Construction Process:

  1. Design and CNC Cutting: Whether it’s a truck body or the tank of a fire and rescue skid, the components of QTAC products are engineered using 3D CAD systems, and then precision cut using a CNC (computer numerical control) router. “We work in a very deliberate, precise way,” says Jason Black, QTAC President. “For instance, designs come directly from the computer to the CNC for cutting, so there’s no room for error or variance. We get the same repeatable, dependable product, time after time.”
  2. Material Preparation: All of our tanks and truck bodies use the QTAC PolyToughTM construction protocols. PolyToughTM construction is the entire process by which we prepare, weld and construct products out of our blended polypropylene, which is resistant to extreme temperatures and nearly impossible to dent or crack, so it’s ready for any challenge you have in store.
  3. Welding: While it might look like it, our tanks aren’t molded. They’re built from individual sheets of copolymer plastic that are welded together, creating equally strong connections for an incredibly tough yet lightweight product. “With our PolyTough™ construction process,” says Black, “we get the strongest weld possible. We rarely see warranty issues, a testament to the strength and durability of our products..”
  4. Testing: Whether it’s a 20-gallon system for an ATV or a complete brush truck, each and every piece of equipment on our assembly line is rigorously tested to ensure it can meet the needs for which it was manufactured—and then some

Rock-solid construction is just the beginning of our commitment to you

When you invest in QTAC apparatus, you’re investing in peace of mind on the job: a meticulous process executed by skilled professionals and informed by the real-world situations people like you face in the course of duty. 

If you have any questions on how we guarantee your QTAC equipment can help you get the job done, contact our team.

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