Mountain Medics Rely on QTAC™ Skids for First-Responder Safety

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June 4, 2024

Meet a company using our gear to support injured firefighters.

Let’s talk about a decision you, as a firefighter, never want to face on the job: the choice between saving a citizen or rushing to the aid of an injured colleague. At QTAC™, we have a customer whose business is dedicated to making sure you never have to make this choice —Mountain Medics of Mount Shasta, California.

Mountain Medics is a company focused on the transportation and treatment of injured first responders in emergencies. Their long roster of clients includes the U.S. Forest Service, CAL FIRE, and PG&E, as well as many local departments. 

When you’re up against an especially tough disaster scenario, one stretching your department’s resources to the limit, a third-party responder like Mountain Medics is an invaluable partner. Whether it’s a fire, flood, snowstorm, or other emergency, “our goal,” said Chad McCall, CEO at Mountain Medics, “is to make sure responders are able to get home each night.” 

Mountain Medics never skimps on quality

We’re proud to say you’ll find UTV rescue rigs with QTAC rescue skids among Mountain Medics’ extensive roster of apparatus. And since we’re also sure you’d rather hear from a fellow fire and rescue professional than from us, we’ll let McCall—who’s also a Registered Nurse and paramedic—take it from here.

Why choose QTAC EMS Rescue skids? 

“It's quality gear,” said McCall. “The welded seams of the plastic—they're not coming apart. There could be a foot of snow on it and we just brush it off. I'm not having to worry about a bunch of ice being chunked up on it. In rainstorms, water just sheds off it, so it's doing its job.”

“Whether it's medical gear or rescue gear or anything,” McCall continued, “I want the best and I don't really hold back. Other companies make all-metal products, which freeze and ice over and rust, or get hot in 120-degree heat.” 

QTAC gear expands capabilities

QTAC EMS-R skids enable Mountain Medics to:

  • Deliver UTV-based rapid mobile capabilities without modifications
  • Evacuate patients in any terrain, weather, or disaster zone 
  • Respond confidently in any weather due to rust-proof, durable construction
  • Expand treatment capabilities with add-ons designed for the unit by QTAC

Removable skids make equipment more versatile

McCall also likes how easy it is to move QTAC EMS-R skids in and out of UTVs. This allows the Mountain Medics team to use a UTV for other purposes when the skid isn’t needed. “It's not a permanent fixture for us,” he explained, “so [it can be removed] if we need to adjust our setup…when switching equipment over.”

When Mountain Medics needed versatile, vehicle-based emergency response equipment to safely operate through disaster zones, harsh weather and tough terrain, they knew QTAC could provide the most high-quality, versatile gear in the business.

We’re standing by to put the same expertise to work on your department’s most pressing needs. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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