Meet the Can-Am Defender: A Versatile Solution for Fire and Rescue Operations

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December 6, 2023

Walk into any firehouse today, and you're likely to find a side-by-side in the engine bay. Their popularity stems from the ability to navigate tight areas quickly, providing unparalleled access and capabilities for crews.

In the fast-paced world of firefighting and emergency response, the Can-Am Defender has emerged as a go-to solution for departments looking to enhance their mobile apparatus capabilities, especially ATVs and UTVs. Partnering with Alpha Logistics, CAN-AM's government defense dealer, QTAC™ brings you a closer look at the Can-Am Defender Max Ltd, specially upfitted for fire and rescue use.

Key Features of the QTAC-Built Can-Am Defender:

  • 976cc V-twin Rotax engine, generating 82 horsepower
  • Top speed of 63 mph
  • Upgraded suspension, making it agile off-road yet stable, even with a full load
  • Larger tires
  • 1000-pound bed capacity
  • Climate-controlled cabin, complete with heating and air conditioning
  • Heavy-duty adventure rack
  • Firecom wireless headset system

Insert a QTAC Skid for Enhanced Functionality

Most QTAC UTV skids, including 85HP, 85EMS-C, and EMS-R, fit seamlessly, allowing you to bring the right amount of water or be set up for a rescue situation in the field. When the skid isn’t needed, the back of the Defender can be used to transport other gear. 

If you’re a fire department considering a UTV, the Can-Am's affordability and turnkey package make the procurement process much easier—and all on one receipt. For a detailed walkthrough of the Can-Am Defender Max Ltd and more information on QTAC's firefighting solutions, watch our complete video walkthrough here:

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