7 Reasons the QTAC 85HP Might Be Right for Your Crew

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September 23, 2023

The QTAC™ 85HP packs a ton of firefighting capability into a compact package for both fire professionals and private property owners. Whether you pull it with a QTAC HDT or XDT trailer, mount it on a professional-grade UTV, or load it into a pickup, it has all the capacity and power you’ll need.

Here’s just a quick look at some of the jobs the 85HP is uniquely suited for:

Specialty tool for firefighting professionals

  • For departments in places like the New Jersey Pine Barrens, where the terrain is unfriendly to larger apparatus, the 85HP enables a crew to get inside a maze of tree cover and target difficult-to-access fires with plenty of water for the job.

  • When a finger starts to creep out on the edges of a fire, the 85HP pairs perfectly with your hand tools to contain it before it spreads.

  • 85 gallons is plenty of capacity for laying down wet lines at the perimeter of a prescribed burn or an unplanned fire in need of containment. It’s also critical for mop-ups between tank refills.

Immediate response system for property owners

  • Lightning strikes during dry seasons can easily escalate to full-scale fires. The 85HP lets property owners navigate tough terrain to get to the scene quickly with 85 gallons of water and 120psi of pressure.

  • When wildfire is raging in the distance, and before an evacuation has been called, home and property owners can spring into action, wetting down ignition points and snuffing out embers.

  • If a nearby fire is burning strong, sending embers and extreme heat toward a home, the 85HP’s capacity and output strength are excellent for wetting down the roof, vents, and gutters.

Check out the specs

Download the complete spec sheet here.

See it in action!

Watch our QTAC Academy overview of the QTAC 85HP.

Let the 85HP assist you in your next job

If you’ve got a lot of ground to cover for mop-up, perimeter control, or the suppression of spot fires, and you have the vehicle capacity to handle its wet weight, there’s no better choice than the 85HP. 

For instance, if you’re on a job where you need to switch between water and retardant foam applications, the 85HP is a great partner for the Scotty Around-The-Pump Foam Proportioner, which mixes your water and foam concentrate in the pump head, meaning you don't have to batch mix in the tank. In addition to doing both your water and foam jobs cleanly and accurately, you won’t have to flush your tank and pump to get rid of foam residue.

Want to use an auxiliary water source to feed the WATERAX Versax 6 pump on the 85HP? Not a problem. Like almost all QTACs, the 85HP can draft, meaning as long as there's water available and gas in the tank, you can be fighting fire.

As a broad-spectrum firefighting tool, the 85HP is a great addition to any apparatus roster. Contact our team for an even deeper dive into everything it can do for you.

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