What's the difference between a medium and high-pressure pump?

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September 15, 2023

Many times our customers need a better understanding of the main difference between a medium-pressure and high-pressure pump. In this article we are going to dive into the main factors that make them different and help you decide which pressure pump is the best fit for you and your equipment needs.

At QTAC we equip our skids with high-pressure pumps and medium-pressure pumps. Depending on our customer needs and skid unit, there are options on choosing a high-pressure pump over a medium-pressure pump and vice versa. Let’s focus on trying to best understand which style of pump is best for you. 

To figure that out you must take a look at two specific things…

First is what is your personal budget for the equipment and second is what is the mission of the vehicle or in other words, how much pressure do you need for the fires you will be suppressing. It is critical to understand how much pressure you will need so you are equipped properly for your fire suppression needs.

A few things to understand is that both the high-pressure and medium-pressure pumps are draft capable. Water drafting allows you to draft water from either a creek, pool or pond to refill your QTAC skid so you do not run out of water. In addition, both bumps are self-priming. 

The high-pressure water pump is great for mop-ups, having available for standby operations such as weed and dry cutting. Essentially, the high-pressure water pumps can do everything the medium-pressure water pump can do but at a much higher capability. In this case the best way to look at it is higher the pressure the higher gallons per minute the output would be.

So you might be thinking to yourself, then why would I purchase a medium-pressure water pump? Typically the reason most of our customers go with a medium-pressure pump is if you are on a restricted budget. The medium-pressure water pump is perfect for prescribed burns, if you are mopping up on the fire line, or if you need something to be standing by when you are doing work operations in the field.

If you are in search of a pump that can run dual lines easily, have more pressure and more gallons per minute then the high-pressure water pump will be the best option for you. You can get more water on the fire, allowing you to suppress it with more effectiveness and accuracy. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly water pump, the medium-pressure water pump is a great option. It has great performance for its price-range and will get the job done when needed. 

Final Thoughts…

Both pumps truly are effective and offer the pressure needed for specific projects and needs. If you are looking for higher pressure, more water and ability to utilize a dual line approach, then the high-pressure water pump system will be your best option. If you are in search of a budget-friendly pump system, the medium-pressure water pump will fit your needs. Head to QTACFIRE.com to learn more about our high-pressure and medium-pressure water pump systems and how they pair great with our ATV, UTV and Truck skids.

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