QTAC Super 3

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September 15, 2023

Now you can have a Type 3 fire truck on a Class 5 truck chassis.

With the new QTAC Super 3, now you can get an NWCG Type 3 certifiable truck on an F-550 or Dodge Ram.

Type 3 Fire Truck QTAC
Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression's two QTAC Super 3s.

What was the driving need behind the QTAC Super 3?

"Traditional Type 3 chassis are getting larger and heavier," stated QTAC President, Jason Black. "The QTAC Super 3 - called that because of its Type 3 rating and because it must be built on Super Singles due to the body and tank configuration - allows departments and contractors to get an NWCG Type 3 rating on a smaller, lighter, more maneuverable and less expensive chassis. Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression - one of our longest standing customers - saw the need and now has two in their fleet. Both passed Type 3 certification. And as an added advantage, if you need to change the truck to a Type 6 due to contract requirements, all that's needed is a tank capacity restrictor. Now you have a Type 6. This is an extremely versatile platform."

The heart of the Super 3 is our welded PolyTough™ body and tank. Due to weight, this truck wouldn't be possible with a steel body, and an aluminum body wouldn't last as long as QTAC's PolyTough™ construction. A Buckstop Super Singles kit and front bumper modified the stock Ford's stance and ride height, and allowed the body to be built with nearly 12 additional inches width in the pump compartment.

QTAC PolyTough Truck Body

Another key component of the Super 3 is the dual WATERAX BB-4 pump system. The use of dual pumps plumbed together allows pressure and GPM ratings to be met, but also means there is complete reduncancy throughout the pump system. This is especially critical in a wildland environment, where replacement parts can be hours - or days - away.

Dual Waterax BB-4 Pumps - QTAC Type 3
The dual WATERAX BB-4 Pump System meets NWCG 250 PSI @ 150 GPM requirements.

Light weight, power and function.

The PolyTough™ construction along with the lightweight pump system were all designed to reduce overall weight and cost. And it worked. The completed truck sold for only $185,000, and with a full compliment of tools, crew, water and fuel, the Super 3 still had over 2,000 pounds to spare before bumping up against the 19,500-pound GVWR.

Give us a call for more information on the QTAC Super 3.

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