Scotty Around-The-Pump Foam Proportioner
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Scotty Around-The-Pump Foam Proportioner

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The 4072 Around-the-Pump by Scotty Firefighter is a firefighting industry standard set-up for applying foam retardant—without having to mix it in the tank.

  • Zero Mixing Required
  • Cleanest way to precise calculate foam solution

Scotty Around-The-Pump Foam Proportioner

Scotty Around-The-Pump Foam Proportioner

The 4072 Around-the-Pump by Scotty Firefighter is a firefighting industry standard set-up for applying foam retardant—without having to mix it in the tank.

The Scotty system uses an adjustable valve that introduces foam concentrate into the water stream, in between the suction and discharge. This means the foam never actually enters the tank or pump, which eliminates the need to flush those two components. On the QTAC, foam can be proportioned from between .2 – 1 percent, depending on the type of foam discharge desired, and the Scotty system does this with ease in conjunction with the air-aspirating nozzle.

The Scotty system is a simple and effective way to add foam capabilities to your QTAC system.

  • Foam Cell: Welded copolymer foam cell, available in either 2.5 or 5-gallon capacity
  • Mix percentage: Set for preset eduction ratios of: OFF, .2, .5, .7 and 1 percent
  • Nozzle: Comes with a 15 GPM air aspirating nozzle
What is "A Foam", and why would I need an around the pump foam system?

Foam is basically a surfactant—a soap. The two most common types of foam are A and B; A foam was first developed for use fighting structure and wildfires, while B foam is used when a fire involves flammable liquids, such as gasoline.

The purpose of foam is to lower the surface tension of the water, allowing it to be absorbed into a given material at a faster rate. Put into very simple terms, think of a water droplet, and how it beads on a material or blade of grass. When you introduce foam into the water stream, the water has less of an ability to bead, meaning it is absorbed more readily. This allows for greater fuels penetration and saturation, which aids in suppressing or preventing a fire, and also with re-ignition (the ability for a fire to re-ignite after being extinguished).

Using an around-the-pump foam system won’t be for everyone, but for those wanting the cleanest, simplest way to apply a precisely calculated foam solution, this system provides the means with which to do that. Laying down a break during a grass burn, snuffing out a stump after a control burn—this is where the Scotty ATP system and QTAC are a perfect combination.

Scotty Around-The-Pump Foam Proportioner


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